Storytelling has always been a passion of mine, and to make a career out of it is my greatest dream.

My current project is titled Story of My Life and it's upmarket fiction written in a dual time.

Despite the book's title, this epistolary novel is not about my life but a man dealing with with love and loss, and it's set in the modern day.



A bit of everything that was struck by my inspiration.

I am Light by Valerie Baeza
Eternity & Boundaries by Valerie Baeza
Memory Grounding Me in the Present by Va
Buttercup by Valerie Baeza.jpg
Inkling Twinkling by Valerie Baeza.jpg
Memories by Valerie Baeza.jpg
Worth Heartache by Valerie Baeza
Imaginary Friends by Valerie Baeza.jpg
I Am the Fire by Valerie Baeza
Nothing Nothingness by Valerie Baeza
You're Here by Valerie Baeza
A Reflection of You by Valerie Baeza
Gratitude Grows by Valerie Baeza
Thumbs Glides Deservingly by Valerie Baeza
Black Days Renewed Sight by Valerie Baeza
Seek Your Desire by Valerie Baeza
Lemon Bunnies by Valerie Baeza
Congratulations On Your Growth by Valerie Baeza
I Created the View by Valerie Baeza
In the Dark In the Light by Valerie Baeza
Love Yourself by Valerie Baeza
Bathing Tears by Valerie Baeza
Two Birds Snowcapped Mountains by Valerie Baeza
Questionable Demons
You Illuminate Me
Broken Promises
Eternity on Your Lips by Valerie Baeza.j
Sipping on Bourbon
I Miss Your Smile on My Lips
Just Like Our Creations, We Are All Eter
My Only Light
No Darkness
Sometimes I Want to Climb a Tree
Favored Sounds
Favored Words
Writing a Novel
Right Where You Are
Dear Sabina
The Embers
Cellar Madness
A Dance With Reality
Goodnight, Evening Midnight
BW. Chin on Table.jpg


I share my reflections and poems on my social media, and a few of what you have seen here were selected by Z Publishing's 'New Mexico's Best Emerging Poets (2019)'.

I am a feature writer for New Mexico Film News where I showcase local artists and their projects.

I am also the publicist for award-winning writer and Broadway actress Alaina Warren Zachary's debut television sitcom 'Crankey Village, New Mexico'.

I am temporarily closed to freelance as I'm focusing on STORY OF MY LIFE and my next manuscript. Please check back because I would love to hear about your project.

Thank you for your support.



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I Am the Fire by Valerie Baeza